Colorado Forest Service Cracking down on 'marijuana smoke shacks'

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ABC 7 News in Denver reports that Rangers are finding shacks on forest service land within the boundaries of Crested Butte Ski Area. Certainly not a new phenomenon, smoke shacks are synonymous with ski culture and, to this day, haven't hurt anyone. Obviously the Forest Service has a different opinion, they insist the shacks are illegal and against the publics best interest:

"The Forest Service is releasing this information to encourage responsible and legal use of the national forest by recreationists," Gunnison District Ranger John Murphy said. "We want folks to enjoy their public lands; however, we also want to let those who do not comply, know that arrests and prosecutions do (and) will occur."

Although it speaks badly on these shacks that arrests for alcohol and 'illegal substances' have taken place, but having a place to sit, out of the snow, with a group of friends is always welcomed. Smoke shacks; Harmless or a scourge on our public lands? Sound off in the comments....

Via ABC 7 News - Denver

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