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After an 11 Hour flight from the states we arrived in Tokyo to meet up with Jeremy who had flown in from Munich, and Yoshiro Higai, who showed us around one of the densest cities in the world. It felt good to experience a new culture, one that exemplifies politeness and patience. It was pretty wild walking around the streets of Tokyo witnessing the ebb and flow of the busiest intersections I've ever experienced.

After a day in Tokyo we headed up to the mountains and got a first look at the Japanese Alps. I had no idea this type of terrain existed here, beautiful faces with huge flanks of fresh powder. After the travel stint we decided to head up to the resort to get our legs under us. The resort sidecountry was an unexpected treat and it felt good to blow out the pipes.

Day 2 we decided to start to explore the backcountry and figure out one of the access points to the bigger terrain. We skinned up about 3 hours through a zen like canopy of trees and reaped the rewards: Blower! The snow came in hard super hard that evening and as I write this the next morning it looks like it is still dumping. We are going to continue to figure out the access to the big peaks today which might involve some deep snow. Stay Tuned.

- Jon “JK” Klaczkiewicz

Further Tokyo Street in Japan** Jeremy Jones and Forrest Shearer in the streets of Tokyo, Japan **

Further Happo** The Further crew in Japan getting ready to start the adventure **

Further Japow** Japow! **

Further Japan Skinning

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