Last Call: Tuckerman Ravine, Art of the Carve, Japanimation, More!

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Last Call is a regular column, delivered every Friday, where we delve into the week's most entertaining, pucker-inducing, and rediculous pieces of moving pixels on the screen.

Big Day at Tuckerman Ravine

With a high pressure system locking in clear blue skies, two shop employees from New Hampshire's legendary Fire On The Mountain ski shop took to Mt. Washington to ski some of Tuckerman Ravine's legendary lines in full mid-winter conditions, no doubt after studiously following conditions updates on Mt. Washington Avalanche Center's website. Nontheless, MWAC described their first run, at high speed down Chute Variation, as "bold and risky" on their Instagram.

Terje Haakonsen and Ben Ferguson: The Art of the Carve

This two-minute edit could also be called the “Lost Art of Carving.” In the age of manicured kickers and triple corks, many riders have lost sight of the fun—and importance—of being able to carve. This, however, is slowly changing. Through projects like Gray Thompson and Eric Messier’s Warp Wave and designers placing an increased focus on boutique board shapes, carving is making a serious comeback. That being said, it’s never gone away. Riders like Terje have always kept the fire alive. And this edit—shot at Mt. Baker and likely during the Legendary Banked Slalom—serves as testament to this.


With March upon us, we can now look back on the heart of the season in Japan, when the ratio of storm days to bluebird days is scratching at 100:1. Euro shred Basti Farber was one of the lucky few (many?) who got to experience just what Japan's notoriously deep brand of storm skiing is like.

Mountain Bike Shred Session

The firewood entry could be an edit in unto itself if Amir Kabbani weren't so damn talented at mountain biking. I mean, a handplant 180 on a full-suspension trail bike?? He didn't even lose his water bottle. I also want to meet the trail builder who built that berm-to-jump-over-the-creek-and-back-in setup. And that backflip into the thread-the-needle line in the vineyard? Someone's frequent flyer miles are reading "BAWSS STATUS!!!"

Vulcanizing the East

Winter Storm Vulcan (I love that they're naming these now!) wrought up to two feet of snow on New England, making every employee north of NYC check their allotment of sick days to take advantage. The East Coast thread in the TGR forums has been going of, and as this video from Jay Peak shows, the hype matched the reality. Look forward to a photo roundup from Vulcan next week, and wonder in the meantime whether Dynafit's marketing department will react quickly enough to use the storm to sell some boots...

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