Strong finish at Mt. Bachelor (May 2003)

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This is a blog post I did while shooting High Life in 2003. I camped for 25 days with Chris Collins near Mt. Bachelor. It snowed everyday. Click HERE to watch a behind the scenes video from our camp spot.

Last week, Sage and David Crichton tore up the backcountry near Mt. Bachelor. We managed to squeeze in one last park session on Memorial Day, then spent the next 4 days in the backcountry. Sage had scoped out a gnarly 26 long stair rail in Bend, that Crichton got after about 15 attempts.

We took the sled out and built a backcountry spine jump that Sage kept hitting just for the fun of it, and ended up stomping a very stylish switch cork 3 safety grab.
Crichton spun some true tail 7’s, then he scoped a gem. Right next to the spine jump was a cornice line that could be jumped as a rhythm section, as 2, 30 foot gaps. It was perfectly shaped as a huge #3. Crichton floated 2 consecutive tailgrab 3s over the natural gaps and greased the last flat landing. It was a great close to an awesome season of filming.

David Crichton Bend Oregon

**David Crichton Bend, Oregon**

David Crichton 7

**Crichton 7**

Sage switch 3

**Sage switch 3**

Sage Quarterpipe

**Sage quarterpipe**

Crichton flatspin

**Crichton flatspin**

David Crichton 360

**Crichton 1st of 2 360s thru the #3**

Sage switch cork 7

**Sage switch cork 7**

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