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Bang on! TGR took Boulder, Denver and Ft. Collins by storm last weekend. We hit the road with everyone’s favorite, Bang Camaro. Our first stop on the Front Range tour was Boulder. The Boulder Theatre was packed and everyone was stoked for some free swag and to see Lost and Found. Bang rocked out with an entire group sing along.

Saturday we were off to Denver for some delicious Bloody Marys. Again, Bang Camaro tore it up at the Ogden Theatre and everyone had a killer time thanks to Mr. Jim Beam and the Absolut team. The Christy Sports team and the Steamboat Springs crowd didn't hold back either. Thanks Jim Beam!

Next stop was Ft. Collins for a lively Sunday night show. CSU was out and ready to rage. After the show Garaj Mahal jammed out, and even Hamby broke out his hula hoop. Gotta love college towns.

A special thanks to William Stube and Eric Hansen for pictures.

** Photos by William Stube and Eric Hansen**

** swag!**

** Tate bangin’ out with the band**

** all together now**

** road essentials**

** Sage and his adoring fans**

** Bombs away **

** A packed out Ogden Theatre**

** The morning after**

** The Denver Museum of Fine Arts**

** Dave and Dash in all their morning glory**

** Just cause I’m nutes**

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