Time Magazine: Is snowboarding selling out with big money and even bigger risks?

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Time Magazine decided to drop in on the question: Is snowboarding selling out because of corporate interests and dying because of a risk-level that has become inaccessible to the majority? Standard typical, the Shaun White/Kevin Pierce story is used to illustrate. Two directly competing sponsored snowboarders, with corporate backed training facilities, try the same trick and, when the dust settled, one of them is in the hospital with severe brain damage. White's Project X (a private, foam-pitted, half-pipe) supposedly cost $500,000. Has Snowboarding gotten too big for its own good? The shining light in the article is when Travis Rice, always the astute observer, breaks it down perfectly:

As the money and risks rise, the loss for snowboarding could be the very things that draw so many to the sport — its accessibility, esprit de corps and sheer pleasure. "I really believe that it will never lose that — it can't lose that primarily because snowboarding is really fun," Rice says. "That's the base of it. It's as simple as that."

Yea Travis! You tell that big media publication how simple it actually is. On the side of people who actually snowboard, we see the backlash, and happen to love it. Isenseven, Think Thank, KidsSnow, and, of course, Jeremy Jones' Deeper are just a few examples of how core-snowboarding can prove all olympic and big media hullabaloo completely null with simple, silly fun.

A. Its about fun

B. Its about progression

C. Its about more fun.

[Time Magazine via Boardistan]

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