Video Exclusive: Bottomless Vermont Powder

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It is no secret the backcountry has become much more accessible over the past five years. With rapid advances in gear technology, along with increased education and outreach, more people are ditching lifts in favor of a more pure riding experience. As the line at the trailhead grows, the issue of sustainability, especially in these tight knit ski community begin to arise.

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This brings us to this TGR video exclusive from T-Bar Films. T-Bar has prided themselves on their ability to capture the human side of skiing, going beyond just action to introduce us to the characters that make this lifestyle so special. This is evident in their previous works including, United We Ski and Out on a Limb. In this short titled Shared Lines, they profile not only last year's epic East Coast winter, but also the work the Vermont Backcountry Alliance is doing to make sure sustainable practices are being utilized outside of resort boundaries.

The powder starting at 4:13 is enough to make any skier or snowboarder salivate for that once in a lifetime winter storm. If there is one idea to takeaway from Shared Lines it is that the backcountry is a unique place, that when used responsibly and sustainably, will teach generations the true soul of skiing.

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