1900 fans from Red Sox Nation welcome TGR at the new House of Blues

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Red Sox Nation welcomes TGR with a nearly sold out show at the new House of Blues
TGR has developed a loyal following in Boston over the past 8 years, running. Boston became the official epicenter of the East Coast tour this year with its commencement to the brand new House of Blues on Landsdowne Street. Some people said that 6pm was too early for doors and that people wouldn't go out that early in Beantown.
How wrong they were. The line stretched down Landsdowne Street underneath the shadow of Fenway Park's Green Monstah bleachers from the front of the House of Blues almost all the way down to the famous Cask & Flagon. Red Sox Nation meet TGR. Fitting since Steve and Todd Jones originally grew up on Cape Cod. These loyal TGR fans who arrived early to get in line were rewarded appropriately as the first 500 people inside received a FREE lIft ticket to Mt. Snow in Vermont. Once inside, they ran up a new record of alcohol sales for the House of Blues, who ran out of PBR by 9:30pm! Sage and Dylan were in the house signing autographs and meeting local Boston fans and answering questions about skiing and filming. Amanda the Lange girl was also there signing autographs and helping give away prizes on the stage.
1900 fans of all ages were stoked to say the least and the vibe at the House of Blues was en fuego! Many folks headed over to Game-On, a sports bar underneath the corner of Fenway Park for more spirits and a chance to rub elbows with Steve Jones, Dylan, Amanda and Sage. The rest is blurry.
photos: David Tepper www.tepperphoto.com
TGR on the Way Bill
**Always nice to see TGR on the wall with the other acts. **
TGR founder Steve Jones and Backpacker MAgazine editor Kristen Hostetter
**TGR Co-Founder and Backpacker Magazine Equipment Editor Kristen Hostetter getting ready to see the madness inside.**
1,900 people packed the House of Blues
**OK. We have had some sweet shows in some obvious locations, but 1,900 fans in Boston. That is pretty cool. Thanks everyone for supporting us. It means a ton!**
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa stokes out the Boston Fans
**Sage Cattabriga-Alosa walks on to stage to a fired up crowd. Kind of like being in a rock and roll band.**

The crowd in Boston goes Crazy!
**Re:Session packed major venues in San Francisco, New York, Denver, Seattle, Bozeman, Anchorage, Boulder, and even places as far away as Perth Australia. This one was special though. We love to see stoked skiers and boarders!**
Dylan Hood hooks up a cute girl with Volkl Skis!
**Dylan Hood sets a fan up with a fresh pair of Volkl Skis!!**
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa gives a stoked girl some fresh boards
**Sage follows it up with a pair of his own skis. Love the stoke. Love Sage's face.**
The view of 1,900 Boston fans from above
**The view from above. The House of Blues is one of the nicest venues in Boston. Everyone has great seats and the movie looked perfect.**

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