2 Real Playmates Really Surfing (Really Well)

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I feel like Stefon from SNL when listing the components of this short. (Read following sentence in Stefon voice) This video has everything; Playboy bunnies surfing, mermaids, girls eating bugs, shitty tropical music, skeezy guys pouring buckets full of hermit crabs on partially buried models, a corresponding timelapse, and some pretty decent surfing. I felt pretty conflicted about posting something like this, but when the internet gives you gold, you should hand it out for free.

That being said, these two Playmates, Hungarian Sylvi Bodi & German Janni Hönscheid, are serious, ripping surfers. Like, actually–Janni's a sponsored pro, thanks to a pro windsurfer dad and an upbringing in the waves off the Canary Islands. And it's an honest shame they have to suffer through a dumb scene as mermaids and then a bizarrely misogynistic episode where someone dumps crabs on one of their butts; we're pretty sure this video would have done just fine with two Playmates only surfing. Watch this video if you want to see the real athletic talent of two unique Playmates, or if you have some unresolved issues from watching The Little Mermaid.

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