2010 TGR Production Team Avalanche Workshop

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The entire TGR production team headed for the Jackson backcountry on December 15, 2010 to refresh the team's avalanche safety skills. Joined by head guide, Kent Scheler, the team dug pits to analyze snow layers and to determine the potential for avalanches. With multiple tests performed and all questions answered, the TGR crew split into three groups to practice locating and rescuing avalanche victims. Beacon, probing, and shoveling drills were all in the mix on single burials and multiple burial scenarios.

Beacon Check!

**Beacon Check!**

The TGR Crew Lines up for avalanche training

**The TGR Crew lines up in the backcountry, listening to Kent Scheler.**

Digging a pit.

**Digging a pit.**

Discussing layers in a freshly dug snow pit.

**Discussing layers in the Jackson Backcountry's snowpack**

Kent Scheler discusses a single layer of the snowpack

**Lead guide Kent Scheler discusses a single layer.**

Another Beacon Found Successfully.

**Another successful beacon found!**

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