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Here at TGR we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the bike world. 2018 was a busy year! The Redbull Rampage course got bigger and gnarlier, Nicholi Rogatkin took home Triple Crown of Slopestyle, and we rolled through Bentonville, Arkansas for our TGR Tested series! Here are some of the biggest stories of the year:

1. Specialized Just Dropped The Best Marketing Video Ever Made:

Watch the video here:

This video deserved an Oscar, and we're pretty sure it would have won one if it was just a little bit longer. It's our favorite bike video of the year, and it will be yours, too, after you give it a watch.

2. Seattle Area Mountain Biker Dead After Cougar Attack:

Read the Story Here:

This was one of the saddest stories we read all year and it brings up a serious topic that all outdoor enthusiasts should pay attention to: know the area you're biking in when there are potential wildlife threats.

3. Jordie Lunn Drops One of The Heaviest MTB Segments Ever:

Watch the video here:

Jordie Lunn created one of the largest wooden tree ramps we've ever seen...and it's honestly terrifying, yet Jordie somehow makes it seem easy and almost fun. You decide.

4. Fabio Wibmer Gets Chased By Cops Through a Ski Resort:

Watch the video here

Fabio Wibmer apparently couldn't wait for the snow to thaw so he took it upon himself to shred the mountain. Well, the cops caught on and a chase ensued. The result? An epic 10-minute vid of some serious snowbiking.

5. The Top Three Runs from Red Bull Rampage 2018:

Relive the action here

Red Bull Rampage was insane this year. If you were to ask us to make a list of the top runs, we doubt we could do it. So we left it up to the Red Bull judges to decide, here are their picks.

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