2018 Editor's Picks: Snowboard

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Those snowboarders are always getting up to impressive stuff, and luckily for us they like to film it too. We've assembled the most inspiring and/or goofy snowboard videos and news of the year for your convenience and entertainment.

1: Urban Snowboarding Jerry Almost Proves Natural Selection on Film

Watch the video here.

This snowboarder got a little overzealous in pursuit of early season turns and narrowly avoided falling to his likely death. Worth it? We don't think so.

2: Snowboarder Jumps Through Ring of Fire, Doesn't Make It

Watch the video here.

Knuckling on a jump sucks, but smashing into a ring of fire seems like it might be even worse. While I haven't done it myself, an educated guess indicates that it's not ideal.

3: How Amanda Hankison Beat Mental Illness and Addiction to Join Splitboarding's Elite

Read the story here.

This one isn't wacky. Mental illness and addiction suck, but they are surmountable, as proven by Amanda Hankison. Take a gander at one of the year's most powerful stories in snowboarding.

4: Ryland Bell's Season Edit Will Blow Your Mind

Watch the video here.

Enough of these snowboarding Jerrys, let's see some genuine shredding! Ryland Bell scratches that itch in this edit, slashing through deep pow and ridiculous spines.

5: This is One of the Most Painful Creek-Gap Fails You'll Ever See

Watch the video here.

Back to the Jerrys. This was shaping up to be pretty cool, but a missed transition torpedoed the whole operation into near-disaster. Yikes.

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