5 Best Après Ski Parties In The US

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Après ski parties are all the rage right now, probably because they’re an unparalleled way of unwinding after a long day on the slopes, and offer you the perfect grand finale to an excellent skiing trip that you’ve been planning for some time. To ensure that you don’t waste your time and money hosting or attending a poor après ski party, however, you’ll only want to consider those parties most famed for their epic refreshments, music, and scenic locations – so where should you begin your search?

Here are the 5 best après ski parties in the US today, and the reasons you should book your trip to attend one of them as soon as possible.

1. Hit up the Breckenridge bars

If you’ve never been to Breckenridge, Colorado, you’re seriously depriving yourself of an absolutely stellar ski experience that will linger with you until the end of your days. Breckenridge is universally acclaimed for not only its beautiful slopes, but also for its vibrant night life, which means it’s the preeminent location for an après ski party.

To get the best out of Breckenridge, hit up the town’s bars after hours, where you’ll encounter like-minded skiers and snowboarders eager to party after a long day spent on their favorite slopes. Don’t linger in Breckenridge’s bars for too long, however; the longer you stay, the less you’ll want to leave, and you may have such a good time that you decide to make the town your permanent snow-stop.

2. Experience the peaks at Jackson Hole

Perhaps the most important part of an après ski party is the scenic location surrounding wherever your shindig is; after all, if you don’t have some majestic mountains to gaze upon while you party with your closest friends, are you really even throwing an après ski party at all? That’s why you should consider heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where the beauty of your natural surroundings will prove so inescapable that you’ll never want to pack up and leave.

Rely on local recommendations as far as your après ski party plans go, and you’ll ensure that your money is well spent while you have the time of your life at Jackson Hole.

3. Check out Aspen’s unrivaled nightclubs

For those savvy skiers looking for a particularly exciting après ski party, Aspen may have everything you’ve ever wanted. The city’s vibrant nightlife and plethora of bars are virtually unmatched in the skiing world, and a trip to Aspen’s peaks will likely linger in your memory for some time – but only if you can remember your trip after a long night spent visiting the town’s world-renown bars.

Trips to Aspen can get a bit pricey, meaning you should be willing to splurge on your après ski party if you’re interested in heading there, but understand that the dollars you begrudgingly part with will be well spent, as the town offers outsiders a once-in-a-lifetime party experience while also allowing them to ski and snowboard to their heart’s content.

4. Killington Resort will shatter your expectations

If you’re a skier who’s attended many a après ski party and filled in customer feedback surveys, you may think your expectations have been set in stone, and are unassailable by any new experiences. As you’ll come to see if you visit Killington Resort in Vermont, however, your expectations can always be shattered, as the famous “beast of the east” resort offers unparalleled party experiences for young skiers looking to let loose.

If you’re not a fan of big-name bands, exciting bars, and flavorful, filling foods, avoid Killington Resort, as the epic nature of the après ski parties regularly held there may be too much for you to handle.

5. Park City, Utah, offers you luxurious parties at a great price

Skiers who have yet to travel to Utah to experience Park City’s world-famous bars, some of which have been voted the best ski bars in the nation, are missing out on a luxurious experience that could connect them with other party-goers looking for the time of their lives. If you’ve not heard of Park City yet, you may be living under a rock – after all, the après ski parties there regularly draw major media coverage, and for good reasons.

Few places will offer you the unrivaled natural beauty of Park City, and the international crowd you’re sure to meet and mix up with there will likely help you expand your boundaries and meet new and exciting people. If you’re a stranger to new, enchanting experiences and don’t like to socialize with some of the world’s most avid party-goers, the thrills and fun of Park City may not be for you. For the rest of us looking for the best après ski party around, however, Park City remains a preeminent destination thanks to its affordable hotels and awesome bars.

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