5 Quick Facts You Should Know About Cannabis And Extreme Sports

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Perhaps having some weed before you tie your sneakers for a run might not seem ideal in the eyes of many people to improve performance, but with more facts in mind about cannabis, it starts to make perfect sense because the understanding and acceptance of using cannabis is becoming more available. One study some years back in Marseilles, France entitled "Cannabis use to enhance sportive and non-sportive performances among French sport students" showed the positive effects of cannabis on certain sports, mainly: surfing, windsurfing, skiing, sailing, and snowboarding.

Here are 5 more facts about cannabis that will put your mind at ease, in more ways than one.

1. Cannabis mimics natural compounds found in the body:

After exercise, our bodies produce natural compounds. It's been found that high levels of anandamide, a cannabinoid naturally produced in the bloodstream, exists. This is similar to the compound made after you ingest cannabis either through smoke, edibles or vapes. The other main compound of weed is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a relaxing agent that leads us to our second fact.

2. Rest and recuperation:

Some studies suggest that cannabis can increase oxygenation of tissues, improve vision, and boost concentration. Cannabis has also helped athletes to not focus on previous traumatic types of injuries they may have suffered, while improving rest and recovery.

3. Increased competitiveness:

In a competitive sporting world, it's common to find athletes pushing themselves way past the benchmark of just enhancing their performances. All the time we see athletes running with heavy gear, or plunging themselves into ice baths for improved stamina and resilience. This is not just strenuous, but takes out any joy from heavy training. CBD in cannabis is said to relax athletes, and helps them to focus more on the positive side of their training rather than how many laps or sit ups or push ups they still have to do.

4. Different types:

Users of weed have in the past been stereotyped to be lazy, unmotivated junk heads. But this is all changing as the cannabis industry produces several types of the product and a vast number of vigorous extreme sports and endurance challenge athletes use them on a regular basis. Today, the industry as well as athletes are reaching out to people to understand better the positive effects of cannabis on the body and the mind. Nearly 75 percent of Americans think pot is less harmful than booze, and a record-high 62 percent say it should be legal.

5. Increases appetite:

One of the challenges many vigorous athletes face is getting enough calories in. Calorie consumption is crucial for extreme sports. Cannabis can stimulate appetite, helping the athlete to satisfy their caloric intake needs.

The key to using cannabis for extreme sports or workouts is to just use enough to make you feel more energized and focused. If you're not feeling like that, reduce your intake or try different ways to consume it. You should also know that cannabis could increase impulsive responses, but it doesn't impair decision making. This combination is needed in extreme sports and might give an edge to athletes.

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