5 Tips For Filming A Summer Surf Season

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Countless surfing enthusiast are looking forward to this summer precisely because it’s the ideal time to have an amazing surf season, and more and more people are taking up the hobby of filming their surfing exploits now that it’s so cheap to do so. Filming your summer surf season can go wrong if you’re inexperienced, however, and amateurs who rely on faulty equipment are in for an especially sour time.

Here are 5 tips you can rely on to ensure everything goes right when filming your summer surf season, and how can you forge the memory of a lifetime while capturing it all on tape.

1. Know what you’ll need

You can’t possibly hope to film your amazing surfing exploits if you don’t have the right equipment for the job. That’s why your first step should be to double check on what you’ll need before you even begin. Recently, most surfing enthusiast and amateurs in particular have been relying on GoPro for their filming needs, precisely because GoPro cameras are purpose-built for the extreme scenarios you’ll find yourself in out on the waves.

Take some time to review commonly-picked options for taking pictures and videos while having a surfing adventure, and your trip will be all the better. The wrong camera can sink your entire endeavor, so don’t be afraid to invest what’s necessary if you really want good results, particularly if you intend to film more of your surfing adventures in the future.

2. Scout your location

It’s important to understand that you can’t just show up to the beach if you’re hoping for an epic video. You’ll need to scout your locations beforehand to ensure that they’re not only good for surfing, but have good locations to film from, particularly if you’re getting shore shots. No great surfing video is complete without some footage shot from dry land, so explore the dunes thoroughly to find the right spot to setup when the big day arrives.

There are many different ways to find the right surf spot for you, so don’t hesitate to skip out on one beach if it doesn’t meet your requirements for a great video.

3. Decide the scope of your video

Some surfers like to shoot solo videos that emphasize their individual prowess, and haven’t even considered doing a group shoot. A video that encompasses a broad diversity of surfers can be more appealing, particularly if you’re getting it published, so it’s important to decide the scope of your video before you begin filming. You may also need to buy YouTube subscribers to make sure that it is seen by more people, which is a common marketing trick. Remember, making changes at the last minute is likely to produce sub-par results.

Consider enlisting others into your video efforts ahead of time, as they can shoot you at certain angles that you’d never be able to reach yourself. Similarly, you can get some more filming experience yourself by recording the dazzling stunts pulled off by your closest surfing partners.

4. Understand your equipment’s limits

You may know your limits as a surfer, but are you familiar with the lengths to which your equipment can go before breaking down? A sudden malfunction can ruin your entire surf trip if it’s unaccounted for, and a failure to bring backup gear is a surefire way to waste a day filled with opportunities. Understand your equipment ahead of time by thoroughly acquainting yourself with it before you hit the waves, and you’ll avoid disasters stemming from broken gear.

Going the GoPro route, as most newcomers to the surfing film scene do? Check out this handy list that details essential tips for GoPro equipment that can help you protect your investment.

5. Know the importance of editing

While you’ll likely be obsessed with obtaining the most epic footage possible on the day of your big shoot, it’s important you know the importance of editing after on-set production has finished. Even in amateur videos shot by a singular rookie, editing and after effects can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making your video stand out. Consider bringing in an outside expert if you really want to spruce your surfing film up.

Outside experts can help you perfect the little details of successfully filming a surfing season, like ensuring your equipment is stabilized, angled properly, and kept well-maintained. They’ll also help guarantee that the story and overall theme of your video is on point. More often than not, making the filming of your summer surfing season a team effort is what makes it successful.

Now that you know the essential tips towards filming a summer surf session, you can get started forging amazing memories and producing hit videos. Understand that you’ll only develop your skills over time, and that any mistakes you make this summer are stepping stones that will help you do even better next year.

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