6 Things to Bring When Going For an Extreme Water Sport Beach Event

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While summer is right around the corner and beach events start popping up in our mental calendars, enthusiasts of extreme water sports are already making plans for their next great adventure. Whether your thing is surfing, diving, water skiing, kayaking, Wakeboarding or any other source of adrenaline, there are some essential items you should make sure you have with you during your water sports activities this year. So take out your packing list and let us start checking.

Sports gear

It can be hard to go certain distances with your sports gear in your luggage, but having your own equipment with you—including the good-old wetsuit that you have grown to—is always a good idea for the sake of your comfort. Taking your gear with you, can be easier if you will not be traveling by plane. If you have to leave them at home or if you are a beginner who has not made the purchase yet, you can check out what the hosts of the event you’re attending have to offer as far as rentals go.

Sun protection

It goes without saying that sun protection should be one of your main concerns when getting ready for a day on the beach. As you are surfing enormous waves or Kiteboarding through the cool wind, it is easy to overlook the harmful effects of the sun. Go for a reliable, waterproof sunscreen that offers high protection and remember to apply it as frequently as necessary.

When we think of beach events, we usually picture multiple items for sun protection—sunglasses, hats, long-sleeve T-shirts and bulky umbrellas—whereas a well-designed beach tent could really be all we need. You can check out the list for Best Beach Tent of 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparison in order to find the perfect one for you to take shelter in.

Clothing and accessories

Even though your main goal is probably to get some wild water action, you will still have some breaks throughout the day to slow down and chill on the beach. Grab your favorite beach towel and swimwear, some music to set the mood, or maybe even a good book. Don’t forget to pack a change of clothes for the evening, just in case.

Waterproof containers

Your aquatic adventures will likely be too memorable not to immortalize. You will want your electronic devices with you—along with chargers, cables and spare memory cards. Grab your GoPro if you have one, or prepare some waterproof covers and containers to store your phone or camera in. Some simple zip-lock bags can also prevent your valuables from getting wet, which is especially important for items like ID’s, passports and licenses.

Snacks and water

Depending on the nature of the activity you are attending, you might need to pack your own lunch and snacks. With the high level of exercise in the water and under the sun, you can be surprised at how much energy you’ll be burning!

The event might come with a lunch or dinner service, and access to drinking water will probably be provided; but you can go for your own lunch box and your insulated water bottle for a more eco-friendly option. Fruits are always great for a quick fix, and they are packed with nutrients to keep you going!

Heavy-duty backpack

Your regular visits to the beach might not require anything more than a simple beach bag and a pair of flip-flops, but for an extreme water sports event, you need to be well equipped. An ergonomic backpack with plenty of room to pack everything on this list would be ideal for this purpose. Make sure you keep your backpack away from any danger—you can settle it into your beach tent and keep the contents from being exposed to the sun while you are out in the open sea getting your adrenaline fix.

Ready to set sail

Now that you have a basic packing checklist, you can start taking the summer essentials out of the depths of your basement or closet. There will be dozens of events you can explore in some of the world’s most beautiful settings, so it is time to get planning! While you can find a number of destinations ideal for solo adventurers, you can also attend some fun beach activities with a large group of friends, or even family.

Regardless of that, it is always important to have the basics in tow with you so that you can solely focus on the joy and excitement of your preferred extreme water sport. Just remember that safety comes first, then let the waves set you free!

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