7 Ways To Sunday

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7 Ways to Sunday by John Wells

We all have our runs, our lines, and our favorite way to ski something. This is a celebration of redundant variations of the same lines and airs that I love to ski. 7 different ways to send it, 7 different ways to work on your game, 7 different days of the week to shred, 7 different conditions, and 7 different days to love and commit yourself to skiing, all leading to SUNDAY the day of Sun and Powder.

As long as the Go Pro is running I am going to try something new on an old friend that I know I might not get away with. Some days it hurts, some days it hurts even worse (ego) and other days are just straight Gangsta Dynamite cooking over a grease fire.

Thanks to the ever changing snow pack of the PNW and thanks to all those trees, rocks, and pillow formers that morph and change throughout the year allowing me to deface and re-work you every day until I get kicked off the mountain and have to go home……………………..till tomorrow we meet again.

Big Ups to : G3 (Genuine Guide Gear), Scarpa, Flylow Outerwear, Smith Optics, Leki, Custom Boot Service Seattle, WA, and Go Pro. Thanks for all the Support! 2014.

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