A Ton of Pro-Surfers Want to See this Guy Sponsored (Again)

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Pros such as Kelly Slater, Albee Layer, and Kai Lenny are all lining up for Austrailian surfer Laurie Towner after Albee posted the following message to his Instagram:

Go watch @laurietowner edit by @calebgrahamfilms called “keeping on”. Laurie has been one of if not my favorite surfers since footage first started showing up of him. He rode scary waves better than almost anyone and could get A clips in any conditions. In the peak of all this got dropped out of nowhere (by @billabong, I know the struggle) and hasn't been getting paid since. Another victim of the surf industry putting all its money into paying very young kids hoping to find the next John John. It's a hard thing, when we were growing up no one got signed big deals until their twenties nowadays if you hit twenty without a big sponsor seems like your careers over. I'm very lucky and grateful to have found a way to make a living in this “awkward generation” but it could be gone any second just like Laurie's. So please support whatever free surf projects or big wave edits you see out there. We are a dying genre in surfing and if the whole surfing world is just contests and we get robbed of watching footage of the next Laurie we will all regret it. The diversity within surfing is what makes it so beautiful.

Albee brings up some interesting points on the current state of the surf world and obviously brings his own experiences and frustrations to the table. I totally agree with Albee, I would rather watch big wave clips like this then shitty conditions on the WSL any day of the week.

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