ACL 9 months post rehab - frontal knee pain won't let go

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Hey everyone. Here is a quick sum up of my ACL situation. Hamstring graft, everything went great. Did PT for 7 months, I stay on top of my rehab all day every day basically. At 6 months my surgeon was super pleased with the knee/graft/stability except the fact that my quad is still considerably smaller then the other one. I am a pretty skinny dude, even though I play a lot of sports, and I don't really gain weight or muscle very easy so I think that part of my rehab is taking naturally longer. At around 6 months I started getting a nagging sharp pain right at the top front part of my knee. Mostly when I squat, go down stairs or jump (landing). PT had me reduce the angle of my training to help with the pain. She said I might have angered the patellar tendon due to weak quad and too much exercise. It has gotten better since then but here we are 9 months after surgery, I run 3-4 miles every day, kick the ball around with my soccer team for 15-20 minute warm ups, do side to side drills with a decent success (and kinda hurt after for a few hours) but anything related to squatting, one leg squatting, stairs or bringing my knee forward more or less makes it hurt and therefore limits my ability to exercise and get back to normal. I don't have any stability issues or concerns when I pivot yet the pain is there during the moments I described. I also get pain at the back of my knee when I have done a lot of exercises and do extensions. Noone seems to find these issues a big deal yet I am starting to worry I have developed some kind of patellar tendentious or other issue due to the fact my quad does not seem to support my patellar enough yet and it's overworked. Any ideas, thoughts?

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