Alaska Heli Skiing in 360 with TGR's Athletes

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This year, we headed to Petersburg, Alaska for the filming of TGR’s annual film Rogue Elements. This was the fourth installment of TGR’s Fantasy Camp, a few weeks dedicated to absolutely nothing but big-mountain freeriding in Alaska. In this 360 video you will have the chance to climb into a heli with TGR athletes Sam Smoothy, Nick McNutt, John Collinson and Angel Collinson, as they scope lines for the day. Heli-skiing massive Alaskan peaks is a dream experience, so take your time and enjoy the 360 view. Follow along with TGR founder and principal cinematographer at Fantasy Camp Todd Jones as he guides the viewer through the athletes' typical day in the Alaskan elements, from beacon check to line choices.

The trailer for Rogue Elements will drop next Tuesday, August 8th. Tickets for tour stops are now on sale.

Rogue Elements is presented by REI, and is now available for digital download.

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