Alaska - Migrations Episode 1

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Will Wissman and Reggie Christ of Stellar Media just dropped Alaska, part one of a three part series called Migrations. In this episode the Stellar crew hopscotches around Haines, Alaska in search of perfect conditions. The format follows that of your quintessential Alaska video: a slow motion bird scene, banjo music and big explosions. Yet Stellar delivers the goods with rad lines compliments of SEABA Heli. There’s even a badass motorcycle rider carrying skis. The cast is a tight blend of oldies and newbies, including Leo Ahrens, Wyatt Caldwell, Yancy Caldwell, Sam Cohen, Lynsey Dyer, Jacqui Edgerly, Colter Hinchcliffe, Jamey Parks and Hayden Price. The second part, Canada, will be released in about a month—stay tuned.

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