Amber Mozo: Celebrating Her Father's Photographic Legacy at Pipeline

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“If it was worth dying for to capture that subject, it must be beautiful. It must mean everything to you,” the statement is hauntingly spoken by photographer Amber Mozo in Red Bull’s short film “Forgiving Pipeline."

She’s referring to Banzai Pipeline, perhaps the most infamous break on Oahu's North Shore, where Mozo lost her father, Jon Mozo.

Jon made a name for himself as a North Shore surf photographer. His dynamic photos were visceral. They brought the action straight to the viewer. However, while Pipe is stunning to witness, it can also be violent.

At nine years old Mozo lost her father at Pipeline. To cope with the loss, she started photographing. She’s followed his footsteps, forging a career for herself capturing the beauty of the ocean. The film explores Mozo’s greatest challenge, shooting the breakthat claimed her father. Watch as she photographs the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro, and honors her father’s legacy in the process.

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