Andy Irons Raw Outtakes: Kelly Slater on the Legacy of Andy Irons

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Throughout the years of surfing career, Andy Irons cemented his legacy as one of the most groundbreaking surfers of all time. Whether it was reinventing how Pipeline or Teahupo'o were surfed, or gaining his reputation as the People’s Champion or the King, his ability to surf was second to none.

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Kelly Slater looks back: “He looked comfortable in waves of consequence. He didn't look like he was like, "Oh God I gotta make this thing." It was casual and in control and mad at the wave. I don't know his... His legacy is... To me also I know that in his heart he wanted his legacy to be... He wanted to change kids lives. He wanted to help kids get off of drugs. He wanted to go to schools. He wanted kids in schools to watch his movie. He told me that. And I feel like if I don't get that out there, if I don't mention that and let people know that I've let him down, because he looked me in the eyes and he said that's what he wanted and that was, at his clearest moment he's probably ever had his whole life. Clearest thinking, most stoked on life and that was his desire was to help other people and I think that's the moral of the story for me with Andy.”

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