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I recently caught up with TGR ripper Angel Collinson. We asked her about her relationship with music in the mountains and for her favorite riding tracks. Be sure to check out Angel in TGR's new ski flick Almost Ablaze. Words Angel Collinson.

I went through a time were I was just using an iPod shuffle while skiing. I always try to listen to music when I ski when the situation allows. It really helps me find my flow. There is a rhythm of your music that syncs with the rhythm of your turns. Things are flying by you. It really helps to calm down your inner chatter. There is always a time where your mind wanders and you wonder what to I have to do next. Music replaces that inner chatter and gives you this energetic vibration you can tune into. For me it helps elevate my body to a place it would not be before.

When I was only using a shuffle I was having a lot of problems with my skiing. I was going through a funk. I realized that I like to listen so many different kinds of music and a lot of time it depends on a variety of conditions. What I’m feeling on day, the weather, and what the snow is like will dictate what I listen to. Then I got one of those 160 GB iPods and since then my skiing and music relationship has gotten a lot better.

The Almost Ablaze film tour kicks off with the world premiere this Saturday, September 13, at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort! Head over to the film page to watch the official trailer and purchase tickets for the tour stop nearest you.

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