Angel Fire Ski Resort: Surf is Up

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The surf is up in Angel Fire, New Mexico! Grab your kids, grab your wife, and head south for an enchanted adventure! This hidden mountain town sits at 8,406' with a summit elevation of 10,677'. If you know where to look, there is no shortage of powder this season and the refills just keep coming.

Bring the in-laws and show 'em a good time

AFR is proud to call itself a family-friendly resort, and there are runs for all abilities from the first-timer on the magic carpet to the pow-seeker who likes to truly earn his turns. The high desert climate brings in the big snowflakes, and when they get goin', there ain't no stopping the refills.

between holidays, there are no lines

You may get lucky enough to have a run all to yourself, and more often than not that is the case at AFR. Fat City boasts some of the best treeline pow stashes and room to carve with speed. Take the Chili Express up to the top of the mountain and ride the cat tracks to the back where the goods are. Watch the fat flakes fall as you take the Southwest Flyer back up for more, 'cause you know you'll be thirsty.

No need to put junior in daycare

The Parenting Pass allows parents to take turns lapping the mountain while one hangs out with the little one. And what better way to spend a day than teaching Junior to develop a passion for the snow also? You'd be surprised at how quickly kiddos pick up snowsports. Watch our 1-year-old take her first lap here .

That means you too, moms

Slap on the Crab Grabs and overalls, and get on the mountain. Let Dad tend to Junior's snowboarding lesson while you get in some "you time." There is only room to grow your skills in Angel Fire, whether you are looking to surf pow for the first time, carve faster, learn treelines, or hit up the terrain park.

Calling all rad dads and tree boppers

Stoke city. The trees at AFR aren't there for looks. They beg to be carved through. Every line you take is different with a million opportunities to carve a maze on your way out. You may have to walk a bit to find a good line, but it's worth it. And don't get too complacent around those tree wells, you may be sinking waist deep before you even strap in.

Get funky with it

Angel Fire, New Mexico is pretty neat. Step outside your square when you visit, and order green chilis on everything. Hit a jump. Swipe the ground. It's anything but ordinary and has a little something for everyone.

leave satisfied

Or stay a while. Dogs & Diapers

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