Angel Goes Camping - Sony Mind's Eye: Season 2 Episode 5

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In this episode of Mind’s Eye, Angel Collinson showcases the POV footage from the ski mountaineering trip she, Mark Carter, Griffin Post, and Max Hammer recently completed while filming for Almost Ablaze in the Tetons. Their trip to Mount Moran relied on 25 people—including 10 porters—to haul 1,500 pounds of gear seven miles across a frozen Jackson Lake and to the base of the peak’s most famous line, the Skillet. Angel’s edit puts us behind the scenes of what will certainly be the most sweat-and-tears intensive runs of this year’s film. Filmed entirely with Sony’s Action Cam, this edit transports us from setting up base camp in the dead of winter to scaling 5,400 vertical foot lines on foot—and then it gives us a sneak peak of what those lines will look like in the film.

Sony's Mind's Eye is a 10-episode series of self-edits that give an insider's look at the team of TGR athletes as they documents their adventures with Sony's Action Cam. Check out the new Sony Action Cam, with its next-level image stabilization feature, snow-proof body, and A-grade audio recording at:

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