APB The Tangerine Dream is gone. Iconic Orange pickup disappears from Todd Jones Backyard

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Attention all TGR family in the greater Teton region. The iconic TGR pickup bought in the 90's in Alaska and driven home to the Tetons years ago has disappeared. Today I was at the Jones' house, and Shelly and I realized the pickup was not behind the garage where it has sat for the last three years. Last driven in the 4th of July parade summer of 2012, the truck has sat because it would only drive in reverse. Tire marks were clearly visible from someone towing it off of the property. With Todd out of town it seems someone funny or not has stolen the Tangerine Dream. If you have seen the orange truck please email the offices at TGR. Though Teton Village never appreciated this orange monster sitting in the parking lot near the tram everyone knows what this truck means to the TGR community... Have you seen the Tangerine Dream?

Attached is a photo of the truck as it sat within this past year, for further visual identification of the Truck reference the opening scene from the movie "The Tangerine Dream"

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