Australian Surfers Fight Against Off Shore Driling

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The last people you'd want to piss off are a bunch of Aussies—because they don't back down from a fight. Well, Norwegian oil-driller Equinor SA is currently learning this the hard way.

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Over the past few weeks, the Australian surf community has raised concerns about Equinor setting up shop along the Great Australian Bight. The Norwegian oil company currently has its sights on the country’s southern coastline because it could be harboring one of Australia’s largest untapped oil reserves.

Projected damages if an oil spill were to occur. Model from Equinor.

The surfing community became outraged after an oil-spill model was released for environmental review. According to their models, if something were to go awry with the drilling, oil would spill over 600 miles of coastline. A spill of this magnitude would have huge repercussions for the continent. Most notably, the southern coastline would suffer from irreversible damage.

In a public show of their protest, thousands gathered across Perth, Torquay, Warrnambool, and Sydney to make their voices heard. Additionally, a large swath of professional surfers—from Mick Fanning to Craig Anderson—penned a letter in opposition.

Here’s what they had to say:

Want to lend our friends down under a hand? Leave a comment here for the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority.

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