Author Inspired to Write Book for Doug Coomb's Son

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"For David,

So the son may know the father."

Those words are printed on the inside cover of Robert Cocuzzo's book Tracking the Wild Coomba, a powerful narrative in which Robert tries to understand his childhood hero Doug Coombs by undertaking his own globetrotting odyssey. By traveling to the places that made Doug famous, Cocuzzo is able to paint a remarkable portrait of the man. This beautiful narrative achieves the original goal he set out to accomplish.

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Cocuzzo expands on that idea in this video, at one point becoming so overcome by emotion that is difficult to continue. I was fortunate enough to receive an early press version of the book and was instantly engrossed by the story. I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of skiing, adventure or just great men and women, to read this book.

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