Banks Gilberti in Black-and-White Is The Perfect Thanksgiving Treat

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If you're sitting around with your extended family at Thanksgiving right now, looking for an excuse to check out of whatever awkward conversation might be going on over the dinner table, may we interest you in the latest in the Adventures in Transition series from Banks Gilberti?

The two-and-a-half-minute long edit, aptly titled "Welcome Distractions", is a departure from the previous entries in the series, eschewing a longer run time for frenetic pacing, quick cuts of Gilberti absolutely slaying Sun Valley and a driving punk soundtrack from The Replacements.

"The name came about simply because last season was so unbelievably good it was hard to allocate time to filming," Gilberti told TGR in an email. "It was a year like none we have ever seen up here in Sun Valley, certainly not in my lifetime at least. I tried my hardest to soak it all in to the fullest extent, and that meant more time riding the resort with my best buddies, guys who don't give any thought to having something on film."

"It brought me to realize that in the last few years I have been completely absorbed in creating content, so much so that I forgot what it really meant to enjoy a powder day the way it was meant to be enjoyed," Gilberti continued. "With a clear mind and a shit-eating grin on your face."

Here's to many pow days and shit-eating grins in the upcoming season.

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