Beartooth Basin to Close Early This Season

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Unfortunately, all good things come to an end...sometimes much earlier than we anticipate. Due to lift maintenance issues, Beartooth Basin Summer Ski Area will be closing prematurely this season.

While it's hard to say goodbye so early when we thought we'd have another few weeks of summer skiing, the work that Beartooth's management has been doing to keep the snow stoke alive already has us excited for next summer.

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As they overcome the challenges of operating a ski area with lifts that run on biodiesel, a very short season, and nearly no infrastructure in their remote location, the area continues to make improvements to the basin, originally opened in the 1960s.

Beartooth has made it possible for us to ski when the rest of North America is closed, and we can't complain about the awesome terrain that they like to call "backcountry skiing with a lift," even if we only got to enjoy it for a few weeks!

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