Blending Snowboarding And Surfing... Literally

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DCP's Surf/Snowboard Segment (from Sherpas Cinema's Into the Mind) is a visual exploration of water's behaviour in various states, and an inquisition to its effect on those who interact with it. Featuring snowboarder DCP (David Carrier Porcheron) as he surfs and snowboards interior British Columbia and Nicaragua, this segment lulls the viewer into that wonderful and content state of hypnosis experienced while riding pow. The segment also features scenes of mountaineering savant Conrad Anker, Kayaking guru Rush Sturges, and park wizard Tom Wallisch (stomping his first attempt at a triple), all set in various locations ranging from Tofino, Whistler/Blackcomb, Montana, and beyond. A truly wild visual exploration of the comparison everyone and their mom/dad makes of snowboarding pow to surfing, and the visual look of a pow slash and a hack on a wave are remarkably similar, just like the crash of snow and waves. While it ain't naked people romping around pillow lines, it's sure worth a watch.

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