Blind Surfer Inspires All Surfing Man-Made Wavegarden

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For most people, sight is the sense we all think we can't live without. We use it to spot landings, check conditions, and just about everything when it comes to our outdoor pursuits. But what if that was gone? How we would adapt and continue to do the things we love?

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Aitor “Gallo” Francesena, who was born with a genetic disease that gradually took his vision, learned to surf at a young age in Spain. Three years ago, an accident left him completely blind at the age of 44. He made his way to the Wavegarden to see if he could still surf.

Gallo did much more than just catch a wave–Gallo ripped–throwing cutbacks and styling out the man-made feature, leaving little doubt that surfing can be done beautifully with only four senses.

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