BTS of 'Imagination' : The Making of a JP Auclair Tribute

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The recent JP Auclair tribute ‘Imagination’ has been in the works since 2011, when Auclair originally dropped that iconic Nelson, B.C. street segment for ‘All I Can’ that was impossible to forget. It set the standard for urban ski edits.

Tom Wallisch now carries the torch seven years later. The project is more than a tribute to the legendary Auclair, but an actual realization of his greater vision. It was Auclair who originally crafted the daydream scenario we see in the latest Nelson iteration.

Watching the behind the scenes segment, you’ll realize the labor of love that went into producing the final result. There were a lot of moving parts—dinosaurs, stunt drivers, and the entire town of Nelson—to coordinate that somehow all synchronized in the end. Kudos to Sherpa Cinema, Tom Wallisch, the town of Nelson, and everyone else who pitched in. JP Auclair would be proud.

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