Burkett Spines - Behind the Line: Season 3 Episode 7

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It's the last week in Petersburg, AK and the boys are chomping to ski because of stormy weather. Once it finally pops bluebird, snow conditions were variable but the boys decided to go up a mellow run. Low and behold, a "picture perfect" crevasse gap is spotted. Everyone thinks Sage is joking, but, obviously, he wasn't. From down days to classic Alaska shredding, the boys spot the Briquette Spines next….

Behind The Line is a series where we feature a unique line, jump, or session from the filming of TGR's 2010 ski film, Light The Wick. Watch as athletes take a look back at these insane moments and discuss them, providing an in depth look Behind The Line of Light The Wick. Watch videos from the entire series here: {page_51}videos/series/behind_the_line.aspx

Music: Nitrous And Nachos by Alex Kane

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