Burlington Lost and Found Premiere

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Burlington is always a favorite for TGR since many of us here have connections to UVM and the surrounding area. To make it even more special, Marc Andre Belliveau has attended the Burlington show for the last 8 years and he was there again this year to rock the crowd with the Marc Andre Belliveau Band.

The first showing was packed with family and kids who were stoked, not only on the movie, but on the tons of giveaways they went home with. TGR grom athlete, Jesse Wells, and his family were in attendance and it was great to see them in the crowd.

After the first show was over, the Marc Andre Belliveau Band came out on stage and got the crowd psyched and ready to party. In another surprise visit, Ian McIntosh showed up last minute to sign autographs and give away a pair of Dynastar skis.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived. The lights went down and the movie played to a typical Burlington crowd response: focused. Every year skiers and riders come out of the woodwork to see the premiere. Most of those skiers and riders spend their winters enduring the Freezer lift at Jay and hiking around every nook and cranny at Stowe to find those elusive deep turns. Skiing is serious business in Northern VT and we appreciate every person who shows up to the Tour year after year.

And of course, after the show a standard night of Church Street debauchery ensued. May the pow be with you. Until next year…

** The early crowd of groms and families was packed - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com**

** Marc Ande Belliveau attended the Burlington show for the 9th year in a row - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com**

** The Marc Andre Belliveau Band gettin’ it done - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com **

** The Marc Andre Belliveau band getting the crowd amped - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com**

** Everyone was stoked on the music and free gear - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com**

** You would think everyone came just for The Marc Andre Belliveau band, nevermind that there was a ski and snowboard flick after - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com**

** Ian McIntosh and Marc Andre reading the winning name for a pair of Dynastar skis - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com**

** Ian McIntosh showed up last minute...just in time to giveaway a pair of skis - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com**

** The second showing in Burlington is always packed and rowdy - David J. Tepper - dtepper.smugmug.com**

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