Burrrlapz Are Rowdiest Crew In Fernie, Until Mom Shows Up

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Who are the Burrrlapz??? Good question… we actually get asked this all the time, but there is no definitive answer. Essentially we are a bunch of dudes who love hanging out with other dudes that do cool things and stuff. The name does not come from us being rats doing Bear Laps at the hill, but instead from a 3 person potato sack race that resulted in a life long bond between 3 local dawgs.

For this edit the individuals are as follows:
Ben Ogilvie – Basically the Hercules of the team. Under the tarp this guy is shredded. He is a carpenter like JeSusa (Hey-Zoo-Sa) and also the son of Zues.

Josh McSkimming – Josh is a bawss, and runs deep with flavor like a fine hot sauce. He enjoys merlot (“Murr-Lott’) and black peanuts aka Pinot Noir. He has fine taste and a fine face. (Josh winks at the crowd)

Mikel Witlox – Formerly the Prime Minister of Russia, Mikel moved to the small town of Fernie to escape politics. In the process he fell in love with snowboarding, and in true communist form he mastered it.

Dylan Siggers – Born with golden locks that make Brad Pitt in Legends Of The Fall look like Rocky Dennis, Dylan is the master of the technology that makes action come to life on film. He also is pretty darn alright on a set of sticks.

In conclusion: 3 R’s 1 Z. “Burrrlapz”
Enjoy the awesome sauce we prepared for you.

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