Camping In The Karwendels - Jeremy Jones' Further Crew In Austria

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Teton Gravity Research is in the Karwendel Range in Austria filming Jeremy Jones' next movie, "Further." Part of the "Deeper," "Further," "Higher" trilogy, each feature is a two-year project about self-propelled snowboarding in the world's most remote mountains. Here, TGR Editor Nick Kalisz updates us with what Jones, Mitch Toelderer, and Bibi Pekarekis are up to Austria. Leaving hotel rooms behind, the Further crew started for camp with a 13-kilometer skin. Good vibes flowed between everyone as the peaks of the Karwendel Range fired with light. Jeremy Jones summed it up best, “This is one of the steepest valleys I have been in.” As the day progressed, all worries started to fly away. Everything suddenly became calmer as it was now just the crew and the mountains. With camp set up, everyone passed out early for what was sure to be a good morning. With an early wakeup for a scouting mission and the temperature around -23 C (-9 F), everyone was a little slow moving. But taking one look around really helped get the blood flowing.The Karwendels are a magical place. Scroll down for photos of the journey and the days that followed. A 13-kilometer skin isn’t the worst thing when you are in Austria. With camp set up in this location, we feel a little warmer each morning when waking up to this view. Hannes shows Mitch Toelderer some of the terrain that keeps him coming back each year since 1979. He says he has never heard of a group venturing into this valley to try and do an excursion like this. Jeremy gets a line that puts the entire trip into perspective. Boiling hot water to try and stay warm though the night and stay hydrated. After a few days in this cold you learn little tricks that make camping that much more enjoyable. Nothing better than sleeping in an igloo under stars that seem to never end. One last touch of sunlight before heading down to camp. High winds and weather. Check back soon. Click Here To Read A Post From Days 2-5 | Click Here To Read A Post From Day 1

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