Candide Kamera is Still Ridiculous Ten Years Later

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Skiing has come a long way in a mere decade. In 2009, Simon Dumont won Big Air gold at the X-Games with a double-frontflip, beating Jon Olsson's cork 1080. That's right: the winner of the world's premier big air competition rotated only twice on a single axis. Ten years later, Birk Ruud won gold at the 2019 X-Games in Aspen with 1620s both ways: a right double and switch left triple. In terms of technicality, it's almost a different sport.

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As an interesting aside, the 2009 competition was decided by viewers texting in their votes. It's almost as though the audience preferred Dumont's stylish and creative trick to Olsson's raw angular velocity. Wild thought.

Why bring up bygone X-Games Big Air competitions? The point is that some disciplines of skiing have progressed so far in a decade as to be borderline-unrecognizable. Now, let's compare Candide's 2009 freeriding with last year's nominees for Powder's 'Best Line' :

Ridiculous lines laced up by talented skiers, no doubt, and it's clear that cameras and drones have improved dramatically since 2009. But is the pinnacle of 2019 freeriding borderline-unrecognizable from Candide Kamera? We don't think so. Want to do more research? Here's Candide's second installment:

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