Candide Thovex Throws Massive 120-Foot D-Spin 720 on Skis

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Chad’s Gap, a 120-foot void between two mine dumps in the backcountry of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, was named after Chad Zurinskas. Zurinskas was a local skier who first recognized the gap’s potential as a ski jump of extraordinary proportions.

It’s pretty well known that the gap doesn’t give anything easy, and anyone who can just land it has definitely earned it. What makes Candide Thovex’s attempts that much more alluring is that he didn’t want to just hit the thing simply; he wanted to do something extraordinary.

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Candide slammed the wall, hiked back up, slammed again, and hiked back up again… four times.

His commitment to the kicker paid off and on day two, he landed a massive D-Spin 720, a trick that was considered one of the most technical of the times.

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