Challenge The Adrenaline Rush Skiing Away At These Top Skiing Destinations

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There are far too many personal reasons for you to decide on which would be the best skiing destinations to embark upon, which would challenge the adrenaline rush in you; we leave the choices to you, and hence bring to you the best. Read on please!

Revelstoke, Canada

The list has to kick off with Revelstoke, Canada and why? This is because vacationing at a ski resort that is truly epic should be on your list this season. The place has a lot to offer the adrenalin rushed soul, especially the mountain terrains and the steepness galore. A breathtaking view each morning of the powdery slopes enchants the mind, along with innumerable skiing terrains to choose from – beginners to experts, with very well-maintained pistes to its name as well. One can also indulge in cat-skiing and heli skiing too, with half a million terrain and acres to cover- wouldn’t this make you want to stay forever in Revelstoke, Canada?

Riksgransen, Sweden

Riksgransen, Sweden takes a place in our top shot lists as a destination to visit for the lovers of skiing. This Easter, head North Pole we say and sky under the glamorous midnight skies spanning two hundred kilometres of the blessed Arctic Circle too. If that’s given you Goosebumps imagining the same, think of the tons of snow you would be playing with, and the darkness along with the cold that makes your vacation a splendid dream come true. Best to visit during April and May, and when the Scandinavian seasons are at its prime for the vacation you desire to have. This is also when you can experience firsthand the great ‘Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships’ that happen each May here.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Grab a pack of tobelorone and head on to Zermatt, Switzerland; they call it the most iconic skiing destination for vacation and sports, on this planet, and who doesn’t want to ski under the giantness of the famous Matterhorn- the perfect skiing mountain on this planet? Zermatt, Switzerland is arguably one of the must-visit places for skiing vacation needs, and is closest to the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Matterhorn Mountain (backdrop). World class skiing with an excellent snow record and all international facilities for the same are available here. Every self-respecting skiing enthusiast thus should be at Zermatt, Switzerland at least once in their lifetime.

LVSSR, Las Vegas

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort (LVSSR), is the place to be at this Easter holiday with family and friends for a gala skiing vacation. Popularly known by the locals as ‘Lee Canyon’, Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort is a stone’s throw away from Mount Charleston Resort; the base which is located at the famous Lee Peak. What one is offered at 11289ft and at the eight highest peak here would be excellent snowfall, unforgiving terrains, breathtaking landscape views and international facilities at all times. Best time to visit would be from early November to April end.

Corbet’s Couloir, Wyoming

Located at Jackson Hole Mountain, Wyoming, a skiing holiday vacation at Corbet’s Couloir is a must to embark upon at least once this year. The rocky landscape has been named after a famous mountaineer that discovered this place in the 60s; the Jackson Hole was thus discovered which is one of the trendiest spots in Corbet’s Couloir to ski and enjoy the sport at- free falls galore, the Corbet’s Couloir area also has an unforgiving fifty five degree slope for you to challenge the senses with. Daredevils and risk takers alike, throng at Corbet’s Couloir for a taste of its prowess!

While we did mention the five best places for a skiing destination this Easter and holiday season, do not forget to get yourself booked at one of the best hotels to stay in; you would need that rest after all the adrenalin rush!

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