Chris Benchetler's Custom 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter

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While sitting in Mammoth last week, waiting for the mountain to open and scrolling through the highly entertaining instagram feed I continued to come across amazing follow cam footage of Chris Benchetler.

As I read on, I'd started clicking down the hashtag rabbit hole that typically ends with me glancing at random things like guitars, old cameras and of course the custom vans you'll often find on #VanLife. But wait a minute, what does epic skateboard style GoPro follow cam have to do with automotive tiny homes? I'm so glad you asked!

Professional Skier Chris Benchetler styled out a a 4x4 Mecrcedes Sprinter Van with all the necessities of an action sports vagabond and invited his good friend Matt Cook (aka @SkiChef ) to document the travels in an upcoming four part GoPro series titled #ChasingAdVANture

Here's a video I slapped together with my iPhone to give you a glimpse into the shaggin wagon.

After briefly crossing paths with the two of them last week in Mammoth while shredding the gnarlies under Chair 22, I'd failed to acquire my personal tour of The Stealthy Marmot.

Luckily, to my surprise when I went to the beach in Cardiff this morning I saw none other than the Stinky Marmot in all it's glory! Of course, this being the first stop on the trip, it's not stinky yet. But I'd assume that with the combination of two dudes, wetsuits and ski gear, paired with the observation that Chris gave two tours or the van in the ten minutes I was standing there, it's all but "Stealthy" and the "Stinky" is inevitable. (Perhaps Swanky Marmot is more fitting?)

"Prepare ship for Ludicrous Speed!!"

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