Chris Davenport Encounters Avalanches on Arctic Journery

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For Chris Davenport, this is what he lives for. “Up here, it’s more about finding beautiful lines in incredible locations. To me, that’s discovery. That’s adventure. ”

In episode five of Faces of Dav, after skiing their first couloirs, Davenport and the crew have been boat-bound with poor weather conditions and variable stability. Their trusty boat, the Arctica II, travels deep into the fjords, where they witness calving glaciers, historical fishing huts and massive sea lions.

As the pressure builds to ski some lines, the crew finally makes it to new terrain. However, their plans are compromised when half the team is pinned in a couloir during a class 2 avalanche.

“It was big and potentially fatal. That stuff is scary. We were fortunate we were able to get out out the way. As we left that zone, we notice literally every aspect slid that day.”

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