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The last day of February saw TGR's Jackson crew finally get a bluebird day with fresh snow and good coverage. Athletes Eric Themel (visiting from Austria), Cody Barnhill, Dylan Hood, and Shroder Baker rode up the early gondola to go filming. With Matt Herriger & Josh Nielsen shooting 16 mm film, and Wade McCoy & Greg Von Doersten shooting stills, the action was pretty well covered. I took a day off from calling meetings and acting officious and tagged along to take some snapshots.

The crew gathered at the beginning of the Cody Peak hike (Coach's Corner, according to Josh) to plan the day. Starting with the 'cave air' off Cardiac Ridge, moving up to Triple Cliffs off Cody Peak, and then continuing to Jib Rock on the Powder 8 Face, the athletes threw down some impressive lines. We'll know for sure when the film comes back, but it should go a long way towards 'covering' that aspect of Cody Peak for this year's film - 'Lost and Found.'

We re-gathered at the bottom of the Powder 8 Face and decided to hike up and over, to try to get some lines around Once is Enough on the other side of Cody. Unfortunately, by the time everyone got to the top, the blue skies were gone and winter had returned. With the light too flat for further filming, we called it a day and floated down through chest-deep snow on the Powder 8 Face.

I think we got spoiled the past few years with killer early-season snow, but everyone at TGR is breathing a sigh of relief now that we're starting to get it done here on our home hill.

** Ace cinematographer Matt Herriger - warming up**

** Cody Barnhill spins over the Cave**

** Eric Themel rips the spine right side of No Shadows**

** Themel checks back in**

** Cody Barnhill - Triple Cliffs**

** Dylan Hood - Triple Cliffs**

** Josh Nielsen & Wade McCoy wait for the next hit**

** Shroder Baker launches - Powder 8 Face.**

** Josh & Greg Von Doersten hike the Powder 8 Face**

** The crew scopes lines for the next bluebird day**

** The cines get some, too. Matty gets deep in the Powder 8 Face.**

** Clouds come in - time to free ski. Josh Nielsen, Powder 8 Face.**

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