Community Skis Builds Its Planks In A Tiny House

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The skis it creates are fully custom works of art, but it is Community Skis’ unconventional approach to business, ski building, and the community that truly makes them unique.Fully custom entails exact ski lengths, specified sidecuts, preferred camber rocker profiles, flex patterns adjusted for type of ski, how much you weight and how fast you ski. It also included specified underfoot widths, tip and tail widths, tip to tail ratios, and early taper when appropriate.

Based on our design process we can suggest exacting specifications for the ski that will do what you want it to do, where you want it to do it. Going through the design process will also give you meaningful insights so you can tweak any of the specifications.

You can feel confident that what we're designing and the skis that you'll be getting will meet all your expectations.

It doesn't sound easy

can run off grid and make 10 sets befoer they need o hit town for supplises the simple things

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