Daniel Tisi and Sawyer Thomas Play PIG - Sony Mind's Eye: Season 2 Episode 3

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Aw, the winter life of a child in Jackson Hole. Wake up, ski powder with your friend, bet him that he can’t flatspin off a rock, fall with no regrets while learning new tricks because the snow is soft and your bones are rubber, and then head home to a fresh home-cooked meal. Life is good.

You can’t fault kids (really, teenagers) for living the good life here in Jackson, but it is comforting to know that young shredders like Daniel Tisi and Sawyer Thomas are taking full advantage of the local offerings. With a deep day at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on tap, they play a classic game of P.I.G. across the mountain, throwing cork 7’s and nose tap 540s in the park and huge backflips on “the real mountain.” The resulting edit is filmed entirely on the Sony Action Cam, which captures the action with a 170-degree wide-angle perspective, Carl Zeiss lens, and a water-resistant body that doesn’t need bulky housing to film in the snow.

All footage shot exclusively on Sony's Action Cam.

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