​Daron Rahlves Skis Away from Terrifying Crash in Alaska

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The crown jewel of the Petersburg, Alaska, area is Devils Thumb. With a history filled with tragedy and failed expeditions, the mountain inspires reverence. The classic lines (both climbing and skiing) are among the most atheistic in the world.

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Former US Ski Team member Daron Rahlves scoped out a seemingly “fall-you-die” kind of line on the shoulder of the mountain. Immediately after dropping in, his technical skill was clear — he skied aggressively with confidence. He would have nailed the line but he ended up clipping an unseen rock under the snow and tomahawked down the craggy face.

He survived one of the gnarliest crashes Steve Jones has ever seen, and was up skiing on the next run, attesting his sheer athleticism and aptitude, mentally and physically.

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