Dash Longe Goes Bigger Than He Thought He Would

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According to BC-native Nick McNutt, Dash Longe doesn’t go small. Ever. McNutt, Longe and Dane Tudor teamed up with North Cascade Heli to pull off some “super huge astronaut spins” in their 30,000-acre powder playground while filming for TGR’s new film, Tight Loose.

While the above-alpine terrain presented Longe with some serious skiing, behind the lines he is notably less so. You might know Longe for his big airs, but behind the scenes he has a larger personality. Beyond his otherworldly features, half the fun of the trip was hearing whatever the hell Longe thinks up to say next. Watch Longe “sausage beam” off that “flank steak” in this episode of Behind the Line.

Buy or download Tight Loose here.

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