Dashing Italy - Sony Mind's Eye: Season 2 Episode 4

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In this episode of Sony Mind’s Eye, Dash wanted to use the Action Cam to abandon the conventions of your run-of-the-mill POV edit. He worked with TGR production intern Matt Dillman to chop up the footage and throw in some animation, breaking up the usual format while also covering some fun bits from TGR’s recent shoot in Sella Nevea, Italy.

“Matt and I were really focusing on using as many different angles as possible to break up the traditional POV look and feel,” Dash said about his time in the TGR studio last week with Matt. Using diverse angles from the production crew and audio bites—all captured on the Action Cam—Dash and Matt put together a different take on the ol’ left turn-right turn experience while bagging shots for next year’s film, Almost Ablaze.

Check out Dash's full firsthand account of his trip to Italy on evo’s blog.

Sony's Mind's Eye is a ten episode series of self-edits. These edits give an insider's look at the team of TGR athletes as they document their adventures with Sony's Action Cam. Be sure to check out the new Action Cam, which features a snow-proof body, image stabilizer, and A-grade audio recording at: http://bit.ly/1lygvzX

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