Dave Crichton Could Face Fine For Riversurfing

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It is always interesting to see the collision of the "action sports" world with normal average civilians. Whether it is Bob Costas explaining his opinion of slopestyle snowboarding or the media's hilarious coverage of the recent Dawn Wall summit, we can always expect general hilarity to ensue.

This was the case was when Dave Crichton took his surfboard and paddled into the Ottawa River. Crichton, a legendary newschool skier is known for his ground breaking segment in Level 1's Forward, but in this case was twice mistaken for a distressed swimmer. While surfing the "dessert wave" bystanders called 911 prompting a false alarm on two separate occasions. Police threatened to fine Crichton $4,000 for a "mischief charge" if someone else calls 911. So next time you see someone in the Ottawa River wearing a wetsuit, lifejacket, & using a surf board, use your head and don't call the police, just enjoy the sight of a legend in action.

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